happy new years! it’s my favorite holiday of the year, celebrating the old, looking forward to the fresh and squeaky clean new year! some quick updates in case you don’t follow my facebook page:

new residency

i’m so thrilled to share with you i’ve been awarded a month long residency at the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts for this june, 2014. it is a wonderful residency program which i’m really looking forward to. the foundation started by the family behind Golden Artist Colors, the well known acrylic paint manufacturer, strives “to be a resource for the arts community that has supported us for so many years, by providing grants to both artists and art organizations”. the first week will be spent in an intensive session learning the in’s and out’s of all their products, and then i’ll be set free to see what havoc i can wreak! with access to their research and development team, i’ll be exploring new ways i can use these materials to expand my current work into new formations. for more information on the foundation and their program, go to their website here.


i also found a nice little write up about my work while at the McColl Center for Visual Arts at KnightArts.org:

“The work of Natalie Abrams and Natalie Bork particularly resonated with me emotionally and visually…. Abrams also offers a textural experience, but with an entirely different medium: encaustic, which is a pigmented hot wax. Abrams’ ribbon like forms literally leap forward at the viewer, echoing the complex structures and textures of coral reefs and the seabed. Abrams is interested in the biodiversity of these natural landscapes as well as manmade environments like the urban-scape. Her work on view at the McColl is untitled, leaving the type of landscape up to the viewer. For me, works like “Untitled 11.14,” done on a wooden panel with the wood grain evident, recalled the bio-diverse environment of a live oak, where centuries of life has attracted mosses, ferns and mushrooms.”