a quick and so-called dirty recap to catch you up on what’s happened since january!

escape to create residency

the month of february was spent in blissful residency. a productive time experimenting with new materials, sucking down oysters on the half shell and wandering the beach. the fruits of said labor can be seen in the new portions of the website which i hope you’ve noticed here and here. both the creature documentation and alternate landscape works are the foundations to a much larger body of work using materials otherwise destined for landfill, as well as installations. also notable is the shift towards photographic presentation.

beneath the fold exhibition in kansas city

and this month has been centered around my solo exhibition at city ice arts in kansas city, mo. kansas city has a vibrant art scene and my show was in a beautiful gallery run by wonderful people. i was really thrilled with the show. i even received a fab review noting my work as “mind-bending and sexy”! if you’re so inclined, you can check that out here! kevin and i were also blown away by the fantastic people we met and hung out with there. we’ve only been back a few days, but we miss our new friends terribly.


and if you happen to be wandering through lake city, sc the next couple weeks, definitely check out my work at Beach Cruisers at 137 east main street. and feel free to vote for me while you’re there!

mccoll center for visual art studio party on saturday, may 3rd

party like it’s 1999! i think the theme for this party is purple, in which case i will be in trouble. i don’t have any purple. aside from that, i have works up for sale in this truly fun and fabulous fundraiser for the mccoll center for visual art here in charlotte, nc. it’s a wonderful opportunity to party with artists, collectors, and a fabulous organization, as well as buy art you’ll wonder what you were thinking the following morning. sort of like that mysterious tattoo that showed up after that crazy night while on spring break. no really, there is some phenomenal art up for sale including work by aurora robson (love her work!). proceeds are split between the artist and the facility, so everyone wins! and the food and beverages are fantastic. we had a ball last year. my studio had sushi.