the carrack

being the impatient, overachiever i can sometimes be, i've been busy the last month or more working on various exhibition opportunities. while some of those i'm waiting to hear back on, and others are pending final details, one exhibition which is confirmed is for an exhibition at the carrack in durham, nc, for october 1st through the 12th, 2012. for those not familiar with carrack modern art, it's a really interesting venue. located in the heart of downtown durham, "The Carrack puts the artist squarely at the epicenter of all of its efforts. The space operates on a zero-commission, no-strings-attached basis, and we encourage artists to use the space for solo exhibits or mindful collaborations, allowing them to show their work as a whole, as a body of work rather than just a couple of works amongst many on a crowded wall, as is often the case in group shows, salon galleries, co-ops etc…. The artist should use the space to put his or her full artistic identity in the spotlight."

in return for such freedom on exhibiting your work, marketing, promoting and all other aspects of the exhibition are also in the hands of the artist. although a bit daunting at first, i'm really excited at such a wonderful opportunity. not only do i get a beautiful 50' x 25' space to work with, but also the invaluable experience of learning how to self-produce and self-promote an exhibition.

so, i've decided to blog about the process of putting this exhibition together. keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on the painting, planning and implementation. and sign up for my e-postcard and newsletter for quick updates on the progress. i have some new work in mind for the show which i think is going to be really great, and i think (and/or hope) the blog posts as a whole will be an interesting and illuminating view into the process!