some of the finer points

while compiling my list of things which would need to be planned, i came across several items which i was unsure of. what time would i need to be out of the space by? did i need to patch and repair? what about the lighting - was i going to need to adjust the lighting or was that something they took care of? etc, etc.... so i sat down with my preliminary list, and wrote out an email to the curator to get more detailed information. the curator responded to me with her answers attached to my questions, which i've italicized for differentiation.

hi laura,

i'm formulating my timeline, etc. in preparation for showing at the carrack in october (i know it's a long time out, but i'm anal and like to plan ahead), and i have a couple questions for you.


i wanted to confirm a couple quick things about the dates. my dates are 10/1 to 10/11 i believe.
to be specific, my installation date is 10/1 and take down would be 10/11?


Correct- technically you have until noon on Friday 10/12 to be out of the space.


also, as far as lighting, i don't recall the set up. do i arrange the lighting or is it pretty much set the way it is? do i need to get any kind of permit for parking to unload and load the artwork on those days?


The space is lit by rows of spotlights that we rigged onto pipes so each of them are adjustable as far as their direction, but all are turned on and off by a single switch (i.e. there is no dimmer or individual control). You can turn off individual lights by climbing up our ladder and physically turning off lights one by one.


if i get you fliers by 9/15, would that be good or is earlier better? obviously not too early, but would say 9/1 be better? and how many would you like?


The earlier the better! I send out a newsletter at the beginning of each month but I can send out info much earlier to catch the press if I have it in time.


will we need to do any painting, repair, cleanup before or after the show?


The space should be clean and ready for you to hang when you get here but you will need to return it to that state at the end of your exhibit - spackle, paint, sweep etc.


i'm compiling a list of papers, etc., which i was going to send publicity materials to, and find out their submission requirements. do you have a list i can add, check against?


Yes! See the attached. Do please let me know if you send ot your own PR stuff to them so I don't repeat.


what do people usually do about food, beverages and music? in denver, the city banned galleries from serving wine and most didn't have food and/or munchies. i don't know what's done here, usually.


All refreshments are completely up to you. You are welcome to bring any food or beverage - alcoholic or otherwise - for the reception. Cups, plates and napkins are the responsiblity of the artist as well.


and that would be about all the grilling i can think of right now. is there anything else i might have forgotten?

think you covered it! :)