magic carpet ride

i once listened as a master collector of kilims explained how finding a rug was like a magic carpet ride. it was beautiful, as he explained the enchantment of finding a rug with a texture and pattern that spoke to your heart. when you found something which affected you so, it was like being on a magic carpet ride. that was before i'd accepted who i was. before i was an artist. now i see the grace of that statement in a whole new way.

that's why one buys a piece of art. it speaks to the buyer on sometimes almost an intangible level. one feels connected with the piece. some people buy because it matches their sofa, but that's not really the same thing and i feel a loss for those whom haven't had the sensation or experience. but when you do, i think you're connecting with more than the piece, but also with the spirit of the artist. you're bonding with the individual or individuals who created the work. that work is a product of their mind, body and soul. what a remarkable experience to connect with someone in such an unusual way.

i've heard those say they 'love van gogh's work, but they wouldn't want him over for dinner', which i think is a very limiting point of view. i'm not sure how you could really have one without the other. it may be a love-hate relationship, but aren't they two sides of the same coin?

i find vincent fascinating. tragic yes, but his work is overwhelming with the beauty of his love for people. as tortured a soul as he was, i would have loved to have dinner with him, listen to his story and hear his passions; what entranced and motivated him. whether we hit on the love or hate side of the coin, given the magic carpet ride his works take me on, i would have treasured that experience.