coming clean

have you ever had one of those dreams that just sounds so outlandish, you're loath to talk about? it's nursed in your heart of hearts, and it's your deepest, darkest desire. the most basic version of this might be shared with a couple close friends, or people who would understand, but mostly you keep it to yourself because you just can't stand to hear from all the naysayers. you know the ones. the response starts with a deer-in-the-headlights look, quickly followed by the thought "are you insane", which is then reduced to "really?" and somewhere in there contains "i'm only thinking of your own well being…" in conjunction with a "but".

after a short but intense and electrifying conversation with a very wise and creative individual, i've decided it's time for full disclosure and i want to let anyone who actually reads my blog (there's got to be someone, right?) in on my secret dream. it involves kevin (my significant other who shall be henceforth known as my s.o.), myself, the cat and a sailboat. yes,  your worst nightmare and the cat's as well… a circumnavigation.

now, truth be told, kevin and i had separate ideas of our deepest, darkest desire. mine involved prolonged travel exploring new places and cultures, learning languages, new materials techniques, making art and exhibiting. and kevin's involved living on a boat and being able to move his home wherever he wanted to go. now, i'd been on a sailboat once in my life, as a kid, and kevin hasn't fully disclosed how much sailing experience he's actually had in the past, but he has read a lot of books if that could be any comfort. but the root of the plan made a lot of sense, and i liked it. a compromise was reached.

so over the next few months, those few people who actually read my blog will see changes taking place on the site. i'll be putting up more information about "the plan" and try to explain the who, what, when, how, where and why of such a crazy plan and why i think it will be so amazing.

stay tuned!